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For people who have excess fat, anything and everything that helps them shed those extra pounds is a blessing. Orlistat is a medicine designed to help your body lose weight. It does so by interfering with the normal functions of the stomach, such as digestion and absorbing nutrients that have been consumed.

There is a variety of Orlistat tablets and similar products on the market. Yet, people continue to be skeptical about the use of these weight loss pills. Most of the wariness is due to a distinct lack of information about them. This article highlights some important bits of information and key facts about Orlistat.


When Should I use Medication?

There are some medicines that can be used by all kinds of people trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, Orlistat is not one of them. This is a medicine that is designed for people who are over a certain BMI. Also, if a doctor recommends this medicine, they will make sure you have tried physical exercise and changing your diet before prescribing this drug. To use this medicine, one of the following must apply:

You have a medical condition that could benefit from weight loss

Your BMI should typically be above 30

What Happens When You Stop Taking the Drug?

It is thought that people who stop taking the drug can sometimes start to regain weight. This however, is not due to a lack of the drug's effectiveness, but simply your body's way of reacting to change. In some cases, people also start binge eating once they have reached their weight loss goal. It is therefore recommended that you continue with a healthy lifestyle and diet even when you stop taking the drug.

Are there People who cannot Use Orlistat?


There are very few free-for-all medicines available on the market. Weight loss medicines, like Orlistat in particular, are to be used only by certain people. This means that there are certain types of people who should not use this medicine. Such as:

Children or teenagers under the age of 18

Women who breast feed or are pregnant

People who have HIV, as the medicine interferes with its treatment

Side effects of Using Orlistat

Like most medicines, there are some side effects associated with Orlistat. Some of the most common side effects of this medicine include:

Experiencing smelly stools as the fat is not being absorbed in the body and is passed out.

Passing excessive wind

Spotting in your underwear

Orlistat tablets have been in demand for a few years now, and it is hard to see their popularity falling with the number of people fighting obesity increasing day by day.

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