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Obesity in India is increasing at an alarming rate. Presently about 5% of the population of India is obese and countless number of people who are unfit. This is mainly because of sedentary lifestyle and eating lot of junk food. Many people are facing such problems but they are not able to do anything about it. Dieting is felt to be a tougher option. This is mainly because one has to change the kind of food to be eaten on a daily basis. The fitness regimes are boring as most of the times these foods are plain in taste. Also following a diet plan requires lot of discipline.

Fortunately now, technology is playing a major role in transforming the lives of people. We have different apps which are useful and used on daily basis. Now we also have an app which can help you in staying fit. It is by the name of 'Mydietist'. The app has different features like:


  • It has different combination of food meals which can be part of your diet. These food options are very much exciting which would lure you more towards dieting. There are different food options which can satisfy the taste buds of people across different communities. For eg. You may find a proper Jain diet for weight loss.
  • One can fix up appointment with a dietician very easily and consult with him/her.
  • Follow a diet plan religiously and track it on a daily basis without much trouble.

Most of the times the app is used by people who want to lose weight. But people can also use the app to gain weight especially for those who have less Body Mass Index. It is always better to have a systematic approach towards following a diet plan. Mydietist is one app which can help in following any kind of diet with pleasure. Depending on your choice, whether it is non vegetarian diet or hard core vegetarian Jain diet, Mydietist dieticians will suggest the best recipes from its database which will help in fetching good results. As dieting does not necessarily mean eating plain food. One must eat the right quantity of food in right quantity.

People get limited time to look after their health. In this cut throat competition, many people get easily stressed out and so they eat unhygienic food. Mydietist app will enable people to look after their health. They can track their diet plan progress as per their convenience. The app sends frequent reminders for drinking water, having different meals etc so that you cannot be casual in your approach when it comes to looking after your health.

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