Weight Loss Advice

The process

It is a simple procedure that makes use of ultrasound technology to remove excess fat from the body. This fat is then liquefied and pumped out of the body painlessly. The biggest advantage of this procedure lies in the fact that it does no cause damage to the adjoining tissues and blood vessels. This makes it safe and at the same time less invasive. This means that vaser liposuction procedure causes less pain and bruises which is why it has been opted as a way to lose weight by many.


The big difference

The process of vaser liposuction differs from tradition liposuction in a lot of ways, like:


  • The use of ultrasound makes it different.
  • Time taken to recover is faster and also the surgery is less invasive.
  • This gives a sculpted look to the body keeping the aesthetics intact.
  • Keeps the skin well retracted.
  • Can be performed on difficult areas like chin, back, arms and even on love handles.
  • Produces less scars.
  • Offers stability in weight.

Yes but talking about vaser liposuction price is yet another question. The pricing depends on many things like experience of the clinic as well as its surgeons and also the geographical location. Well countries like the U.K. have some affordable vaser liposuction clinics for sure. Again cities like Bangalore and Mumbai are also following in their footsteps for the same.

About the clinics

However talking about the clinics it has to be mentioned that a few of these pointers should be kept in mind for good:

  • Preferably clinics should be close to residences.
  • One should research well and in details about a vaser liposuction clinic.
  • Safety, cleanliness and security of a clinic should be put to priority.
  • Experience of these clinics should also be given a thought to.
  • Behaviour of the staff should also be taken into consideration while selecting a clinic.

This brings us to a name called Nu Cosmetic Clinic which has more than 25 years of experience now and is a great clinic for undergoing aesthetic medical procedure. With equally experienced surgeons at hand, they have bowled over some parts of the world for sure. For example they already have impressed the whole of Europe, especially cities like London, Belfast, Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester to name a few and they are trying to do the same in India as well by offering the best of vaser liposuction procedure.

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