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Rich King couldn't keep up along with his five-year-old son whereas enjoying basketball on Valentine's Day.

At more than three hundred pounds, King made a commitment to change his health habits. Now, he's not the only one counting on his weight loss.


King will be one among 3 individuals from around the country on the Steve Harvey Show this afternoon (the phase was taped in mid-March) for a weight-loss challenge with the most important Loser coach Dolvet Quince. The show airs at 2 p.m. on KCRA.

King is not alone – the Lodi resident is functioning with local trainer Chase Overton of professional Fitness Delivered, and was also matched with former NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell, who compete eleven seasons with the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens and city Bengals.

He is also a former Biggest Loser contestant.

“He's been great with simply motivational speaking,” King said. “He's out in Utah, so he and I keep in contact, and he's teaching me a ton of what he learned being on the Ranch and on the most significant Loser show.”

The difference, in exactly four or 5 weeks, has already been noticeable.


“Being over 300 pounds and making an attempt to work out promptly, you don't want to hurt yourself,” King said. “Now being 35 pounds lighter, my workouts have been increasing, and a lot of individuals are noticing the amendment. I used to wear size 44 jeans, now I'm down to size forty. I was size XXX, and now I'm down to 2X, almost to extra-large.”

King was already starting the technique before he was chosen for the Steve Harvey Show – once making it his personal goal to induce work on Valentine's Day, he hired Overton and began understanding, starting with 10-pound weights and four hundred jump-ropes. Now he's operative with 40-pound weights and 700-jump rope sessions.

But the experience on the show has given him extra motivation.

“It was amazing. They made you feel very comfortable,” he said. “The producers are very good, they were already so nice on the phone, and very helpful getting everything organized.

“Getting to meet them was awesome, and of course Steve Harvey was therefore funny, but jointly created you feel comfortable.”

Now that the technique has started, King wants to get the aim where he pays it forward, much the approach Mitchell is paying his experience ahead to him.

“Being corpulent myself – and I'm still obese, but in the technique of adjusting that – i would like to let people apprehend there is hope out there,” King said. “Between people like Chase United Nations agency will attend your house, people like american state United Nations agency are there, just that kind of stuff.”

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