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What should you avoid when having realistic goals for weight loss? Excuses! Excuses are the enemy of accomplishing goals. Make sure you wipe out all excuses and check in with yourself often to make sure you are excuses free. Goal setting can be intimidating especially when we just wiped out any allowances for excuses. But, it doesn't have to be scary, in fact it could be fun! To put the fun back into achieving your goals, attach a reward system to them. All of your focus and hard work should be periodically rewarded.

How To Create Realistic Goals For Weight Loss


First of all we are going to start with your past weight loss experience. Make a list of all the things you have learned about yourself on your weight loss journey. Include your biggest challenges and setbacks.

How did you grow from your experience?

What did you do wrong?

What did you accomplish?

This exercise is to help you to see where your weaknesses and strengths are. It also is a way for you to learn from past mistakes. If your learn from your mistakes, you are not a failure. Make your mistakes serve you to create something new.

An aspect of setting realistic goals is to incorporate goal language. What that means is that your goals need to have clarity and not be too vague. Include in your goal language only the positive. Record what you want to accomplish, not what you want to avoid.

Here are some examples of goal language:


Lose 30 pounds


Get down a couple of sizes

Clear and Concise

Lose 30 pounds with water as my only beverage

Reach a size 12 by exercising 5 times a week

Next you are going to record realistic goals for weight loss. To be realistic, your goals need to be scalable and measurable. The way to measure your goals is to divide them into three categories, which are:

Minimum Goals:Write down the bare minimum you want to achieve.

Target Goals: These are the goals that you deem are reasonable.

Outrageous Goals: Go ahead and dream big with this one.

Categorizing your goals will help the realistic goals to stand out. Now rank your goals from 1 to 10 by how much you desire to accomplish that particular goal. One being the least and 10 being what you want to accomplish the most.

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