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How do people put on weight? Even after exercising every day, they are not losing an inch of fat. Are they doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with their diet? Are they not exercising enough? Most people are becoming health conscious and are always counting their calories. What can people do to loseweight and maintain it?

One of the most common problems of being overweight is the metabolic functions. Is it a possibility that overweight people do not process their foods the normal way? The gym is filled with people trying to loseweight and sweating it out only to realize that they cannot achieve their target weight-loss goals.


The risks of being obese

  • The metabolic rate is poor in many obese people. It is due to the lack of activity or hereditary reasons. The cycle is difficult to break. With bad metabolic rate, people tend to put on a lot of weight.
  • If you have medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or thyroid, you have a bigger risk of becoming fat.
  • Your lifestyle also plays a big role when it comes to being overweight. If you have an inactive life and eat a lot of unhealthy food, then you are at a risk of putting on a lot of weight.
  • Certain medicines can also make you put on weight if you do not exercise or control your food habits. There are drugs like antidepressants that make you put on weight.
  • Several social factors put you at a bigger risk of being fat. Things like watching television and attending too many business lunches can make you gain weight.

Why are people trying to lose weight?


There are so many reasons why people are trying to loseweight. A few reasons include

  • A bride wanting to fit into her wedding dress
  • An athlete who wants to lose weight for the next sports event
  • A boxing champion who needs to be a certain weight for his next match

How do you lose weight quick?

There are so many ways of losingweight but how do you loseweight quickly?

  • Lose weight with a healthy breakfast
  • Lose the extra fat by controlling your meals
  • Lose those extra pounds with green tea
  • Control the protein intake in your diet
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Lose weight with herbal vitamins for weight loss

The will to loseweight has to come from the individual. Losingweight helps make a person feel better about themselves.

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