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When you think of a day at the spa, you might think of mud masks and pedicures, but when you choose a medical spa with a board-certified medical director, you can do so much more. At a wellness spa clinic in TX like Juvia MedSpa, you'll not only get a relaxing day at the spa, but you'll get access to treatments that just aren't available at other salons and spas.

If you want to look and feel better than you have in years, you can do a lot more for yourself than a new hairdo and a manicure. You can get medical spa services in TX that will not only make you look great for a day but actually turn back time on your face and help you with a healthier lifestyle, too.


Laser Skin Resurfacing

Our parents and teachers told us not to pick at or pop our pimples, but did we listen? Of course we didn't! That's why you see so many adults sporting acne scars, marring their faces. Well, with laser skin resurfacing, you can experience smoother, younger skin again.

In fact, you can say goodbye to more than just acne scars. You can get laser skin resurfacing for uneven skin tones, dry, aging skin, age spots, and a number of different kinds of blemishes and scars, too.


Medical Weight Loss

If you're more concerned with your waistline than the lines on your face, you can get fast, healthy results when you visit a quality medical spa. Losing weight is a huge challenge, and most people aren't equipped with the right tools for the job.

With a professional body composition analysis and access to medically sound advice and treatments, though, you could be on your way to losing the weight you've been battling for years.

Hormone Therapy

Now, while turning back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles will give you a younger face and medical weight loss will help your health and confidence, you might still be feeling slow and lethargic. You might wake up in the morning and think, “Why do I feel so old?”

Well, as we get older, our bodies stop producing hormones at the same rates that they once did. As our hormones get out of balance, we can experience weight gain, lethargy, depression, and other symptoms. If you've been feeling any of these, call Juvia MedSpa today at 817-427-3700 for a free consultation. You could be on your way to looking and feeling great in no time!

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