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Can a cleansing diet for a week be harmful?

Cleansing diets can have many variables in their recipe, cleansing products, duration and effectiveness. Most cleansing diets are plant based.


Some diets use the aid of a diuretic, which is a product that helps expel toxins from the blood and the liver. Diuretic products can be found in the form of powders, pills, or possibly a liquid. Depending on the product, usually you mix it with juice or take pills with a drink at mealtime. Caution needs to be taken when using the products. Also, check with your doctor about what is right for you. There are many different brands and most claim that they are “all natural”.

Is a cleansing diet for a week an acceptable time frame?


The duration can vary from one product to the next. Some cleanses are 3 days, a week long, or even as much as 30 days. If the product claims to help you quickly lose a large amount of weight and sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It may cause problems that you would not want to deal with. A cleansing diet for a week can be safe and effective as long as you follow the instructions and use caution when choosing the diet. Always check with your doctor before usage. Use common sense as well as listening to your body. If something does not feel right, immediately stop the cleanse.

What are the benefits of a cleanse?

  • The purpose of a cleanse is to rid the blood and liver of toxins and free radicals. We are all exposed to toxins and free radicals in the atmosphere. Processed foods, junk foods, and sweets can all harbor toxins and assist toxins to build in our system. This is why a cleanse can also be called a detox, to detoxify your system.
  • A cleanse can also assist to remove parasites from the intestines. Everyone is susceptible to acquire parasites or has parasites at one time or another. Parasites are not good on our system. Bacteria surround the parasites and can cause other health issues.
  • Losing weight quickly is another reason to do a cleanse. The use of a diuretic can result in quick weight loss.

A cleansing diet for a week a couple times a year is excellent for most people who are generally healthy. Read and follow the directions carefully.

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