Medical Weight Loss Programs

Obesity is a major problem worldwide, and an increasing number of Asians, and specifically Indians, are falling prey to obesity. The reasons include sedentary lifestyle, poor food habits, stress and lack of sleep, apart from genetic issues.

One of the best ways to lose weight is a combination of a well-chalked-out diet and exercise plan, apart from other lifestyle changes to combat stress.


Set a target

One of the first steps to lose weight is to set a target. A realistic goal will help you lose weight rather than a goal that is grand. A dream weight loss goal may be very difficult to achieve, instead it is best to target 15 per cent of your weight and maintain the same.

Identify your triggers

Once you set your target, you should journal your triggers, and what happens once you eat something (junk food), and how you feel later. When you identify triggers and your feeling after you eat, you can replace junk food with healthy food like some veggies, fruits or nuts.

Control portion sizes

Also, controlling portion sizes is very important. Chewing well, limiting eating out, drinking adequate water will all help.

Be accountable

Make sure you don't use food as a reward or a substitute for entertainment. Treat yourself with a different reward. Also, make sure you have a partner to whom you will be accountable for your weight loss.


Have nutritious meals

Rather than resorting to fad diets, you should stick to a diet that is wholesome, and healthy. A good diet should have enough fruit and vegetables, some dairy foods, fish, beans, eggs or some meat. Steer clear of food and drink such as colas that have empty calories – a high level of sugar and salt will do harm.

Don't forget to exercise

While keeping a watch on your diet, also make sure you exercise. A good programme that will burn calories is very important. You could enrol in a gym, or take vigorous exercise in the form of swimming, a brisk walk, or aerobics.

Seek surgery

If both diet and exercise have not helped you lose any weight, and if your obesity levels are high enough for them to affect your health, you should consider surgery.

Surgery options

One of the options is adjustable gastric band surgery. The adjustable gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach so there is a tiny pouch above the band.

Sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure wherein the stomach is brought down to about a quarter of its size by removing a major portion of the stomach.

The gastric bypass surgery is a procedure where the stomach is divided into a smaller and a bigger portion. The first part of the small intestine is then divided, and the bottom part of the small intestine is connected to the small pouch of the stomach.

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