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Is it easy to learn how to stop cravings for sweets? Of course, anything you try at first is difficult. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. The trick is, you have to give it a good try to begin with. A few days or even a few months is not long enough to work at something you have decided to accomplish. Besides, the reward is much greater and it is more worth it if you put your focus, attention, passion, and mind to work.

There are definitely physical things you can do to stop cravings for sweets, like cutting out sugar completely, exercising, detoxing, and so forth. But, there is another aspect that helps decides if it wants sweets or not, and that is your mind or brain. To completely stop sweet cravings, your mind needs to be on board. Your body and mind need to be balanced. Find out below,the surprising tips you can start implementing to stop sweet desires.


How To Stop Cravings For Sweets With 6 Surprising Tips

  1. Read articles about sugar cravings. There is a mountain full of information on the internet about taming sugar cravings. (Thank you for reading mine, by the way!) Commit to reading at least one article a day on cravings. The more you know and the more focused your mind will be on sweet cravings, the easier your battle will become.
  2. Write down what you eat. Be accountable for your actions by keeping a food journal and write down all meals, snacks, and treats that you eat everyday. Accountability has it's merits in maintaining difficult goals.
  3. Visualize. Imagine in your mind that you are resisting sweet temptations that enter your path. Meditate on eating healthy and nutritious snacks and foods.
  4. I Am Statements. “I Am” Statements can be a very powerful mind and body tool. Write or type “I Am” and then write what you desire to become next to it. For example, “I am choosing healthy food and snacks options for meals.” Only say positive and goal oriented statements. Avoid saying things like,”I am not craving sweets anymore”. Create 10-20 “I Am” statements and recite them everyday.
  5. Goal writing. Write down your goals to stop cravings for sweets. Be specific and post them in a visible location.
  6. Gratitude. Emulate the attitude of gratitude and be grateful for all the positive changes you are making.

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