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Autism is a developmental disability characterised by pervasive and severe impairments in several areas of development. These disabilities may effect reciprocal-social interactions and communications, as well as behavioural or imagination abilities. A combination of wide variety of symptoms and characteristics can be exhibited by individuals suffering from Autism in any degree of severity.

In order to be diagnosed with Autism, the behavioural symptoms in all of the above-mentioned areas must be present by the age of three. ASD usually appears early in life, often before the age of three. However, it is very difficult to diagnose Autism before the age of eighteen months. Statistically, Autism is four to five times more likely to effect boys than girls.


Children with Autism often engage in a restricted range of behaviours, interests and activities, in a repetitive and stereotypical way. An individual diagnosed with ASD can fixate on different objects or even on very complicated habits or behavioural routines. These are often repeated in exactly the same manner each time. Any change or deviance from a specific routine may cause the individual to experience an outburst of despair, rage and/or frustration. The degree of Autism varies between individuals, from severe to mild. These variations are dependent on an individual's personality, age and developmental level.


Autism is a life-long disability. There is currently no known cure for Autism. That being said, many children with Autism can develop and improve significantly with early, well-planned and individually designed educational programs in specially adapted settings. Rebecca School, for children with special needs in NYC, employs approaches that focus on knowledge about the unique ways that children with Autism interact and learn. Our specially-tailored educational programs are based on strategies that have proved to be highly successful for individuals with ASD.

We also understand that it is important to provide parents and caregivers with accurate information about the educational and medical aspects of this condition and the programs designed to improve it. At Rebecca School we apply prompt supportive measures that are thoughtfully planned and individually designed according to the needs and abilities of each child. This approach has shown to be effective in the long-term developmental ability of children diagnosed with ASD.

The student experience at Rebecca School is one of extensive nurturing and creativity. Our classrooms are organised into different environments including sensory, symbolic and semi-structured. 'Quiet Areas' are located near every classroom and are available for use whenever students feels like they need a calming refuge.

To learn more about Rebecca School and the various programs we offer children with Autism please visit our website at rebeccaschool.org. We offer tours of our NYC campus throughout the school year and look forward to welcoming you into our community.

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