Lose Weight Stomach

If you are trying to keep fat off, you might have thought of eating so little or not eating at all so that you won't gain more weight. Unfortunately, while this sounds like a good calculation, actually it isn't. You won't go far with starving because it works totally against mechanism of weight loss. Usually, when you don't eat well and your body needs energy, it turns to alternative sources of energy in the body, such as fat.

At this point, you would lose fat but this could have been a perfect solution if only it will continue like this. After some time, the body thinks you are starving and in a bid to help you conserve energy, it switches to starvation mode and your metabolism plummets. This is not good for you because when your metabolism isn't high as it should be, you might find it difficult to lose weight


You need to get this clear, you definitely cut down on some foods but starving yourself or skipping meals is just out of it. You'll still need to eat but the secret is to eat smatter. As a rule of thumb, any food that will not harm your health will definitely not harm your weight. The other way round, any food that will harm your health is likely to harm your weight also

A better and safer thing to do is to eat the right foods. Who says you cannot eat well and lose weight? There are usually two sides to it; you can eat whatever you want as long as you check every label and track or count the calories you are consuming. You may also forget about counting calories and eat more of healthy foods. The second option seems quite better and easy. Calorie-counting are boring and can leave you frustrated.

The secret to successful weight loss is to gradually replace unhealthy foods with nutritious and delicious foods that will still give you the energy you want. Avoid refined, processed and anything that looks artificial. Whole and natural foods are the best. If you keep this in mind, you are not far from achieving your weight loss goals.

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