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No matter where you are looking, you'll see a brand new way to get in shape and reach your goal body. Right now, we are going to analyze one of the most popular choices available right now: online fitness coaching. There has been a huge surge in the popularity of online coaching, so many people have been opening up their own online coaching programs. Just like gyms and local personal trainers, some online coaches just aren't worth the investment. Can online personal training programs be worth it for you, specifically?

You have to first look at the pricing of your average coaching program versus all of the other options out there. If you are strapped for cash and don't have much to spend every month, then a simple gym membership will be much cheaper than online coaching. The high end of the spectrum of fitness programs is one on one training locally, which online fitness coaching is much cheaper than. Online coaching is usually on par with group fitness programs and bootcamp-style programs. Since a magic bullet doesn't exist, you'll need at least a couple months of coaching to see results, which could costs a few hundred dollars. If you can handle that financial, and time, investment, then online personal training can be a great option for you.


Online fitness coaching mainly revolves around a customized fitness plan that is designed for your specific goals. The coaches usually take your experience, schedule, equipment access, physical limitations, and more into account when creating these programs. If you hire a coach that doesn't delve into these things before sending you a program, ditch them. That coach clearly didn't take the effort to make a truly custom program. You should not settle for a cookie cutter program from a coach. Thousands of free fitness plans can be found online for free. Never pay a coach that doesn't put in the effort to create an individualized program for you!


A lot of coaches are now offering dietary support as well to go along with their training plans. We all know that nutrition makes more of a difference to your physique than training does, so it's important that your coach addresses this. A lot of coaches are specializing in certain types of dietary approaches, so make sure you pick one that sit well with you. Don't settle for any dietary program that doesn't account for your calorie and macronutrient intake. Your coach should teach you how you can enjoy the foods you love and still get results. I wouldn't hire an online fitness coach that doesn't offer nutritional guidance, unless you already have your diet 100% locked in. If your diet was already perfect, then I doubt you would be looking for an online trainer in the first place.

A main factor in your success will be the communication you have with your coach so they can audit your progress regularly. Trainers at the gym can motivate you in person, but your online trainer needs to be able to do this digitally. This means that the client does need a little self-motivation to follow through with the coaching. However, your coach should still be getting you pumped for the training sessions and encouraging a winning effort with your diet. Daily contact isn't always provided, but contact should be regular and often. Your coach should also be helping you improve your overall lifestyle to fit your fitness goals. Your lifestyle can make or break your success, even with the right training and diet, so your coach needs to help you out!

Remember, you'll need to to invest a few months into coaching to reap the benefits, so make sure you can afford the financial investment! Clients can see results comparable to one on one trainers at a fraction of the cost. Don't hesitate to look into online personal training if you have some goals you need to reach!

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