Lose Tummy Weight

Thousands of people around the world turn to HCG diet drops to help them lose the unwanted weight and achieve their weight goals. Many people state that diet supplements don't work, but with the right products, the right diet and a desire to lose unwanted weight, these drops can speed up the weight loss process and help you maintain the weight loss in the future.

Before you determine if these are the right weight loss solution for you, it's important you understand how they work and what you will need to do in order to ensure their success. The HCG diet is broken into four phases, each one requires you follow strict instructions to ensure you achieve your goals in the shortest period of time.


Once you purchase your HCG diet drops it's important you read up on the correct way to use them. Failure to follow the instructions to the letter can result in your goals not being achieved in a timely manner. The first phase is called the loading phase. This is the first two days you start taking your drops as per the instructions on the bottle. During the loading phase you want to eat high fat foods and really load up your body with fat that gives the drops time to work.


The second phase is from day three through to the day your drops end, this is usually around thirty days or so. During this time you will need to follow a very strict five hundred calorie a day diet. Now this may sound impossible and you may think your body won't manage on such a low calorie requirement, but the drops do curb your appetite and you will find a wide variety of foods that you can eat to help fill you up. Ensure you add plenty of fruit and vegetables to your eating plan to help you keep within the calories, but also to provide your body with daily sustenance.

Phase three starts the day after you finish your HCG diet drops. Even though your drops are finished, you want to stick to your five hundred calorie a day diet for a further three days, just while the drops make their way out of your body. After this you can start adding other foods and slowly increasing your calorie intake, but ensure you choose a healthy eating plan that won't load on the pounds straight away.

The last phase of taking HCG diet drops is the maintenance phase. This phase you will want to continue for the rest of your life, enabling you to enjoy your weight loss, health and increased energy levels as a result. It is important that you eat a healthy and well balanced diet while cutting out processed, sugar and junk foods. Choose your meals wisely and don't eat more than you can burn during activity. The advantage is that if you start piling on the pounds, you can start the HCG diet drops again to lose the weight you have put on, if you are unable to manage your maintenance effectively.

There is something you cannot expect from your HCG diet drops and that is for them to work on their own. They will not help you achieve your goals if you aren't willing to put in effort. You need to stick to the diet plan, you need to include moderate exercise into your weekly routine and remember to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

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