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The HCG diet plan has become one of the most recognized weight loss solutions used by adults throughout the world. With an increase in obesity and people struggling with their weight, this weight loss solution has been embraced by millions, helping them achieve their weight loss goals within a short period of time.

The good thing is that it's easy to follow once you understand how it works. The HCG diet plan is broken into simple stages starting with a two day loading period, followed by your low calorie diet period and then your maintenance period. Those following the diet can expect to lose at least a pound a day.


The biggest question asked about this plan is whether it's safe. Five hundred calories each day doesn't sound near enough to keep your body healthy and give you the energy you need. Most diets fail because you're left hungry all the time, the good news is that this liquid formula suppresses appetite, though you will need determination and desire to succeed to avoid the risk of cheating.

The first two days when you start using your drops is the loading period. This is a chance for the drops to work while you load up on all your favorite foods, you don't have to skimp here, and there are absolutely no restrictions.

From day three onwards, you follow a low five hundred calorie a day diet. It's imperative during this time you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Ensure you cut back on fat intake, this includes using oil based skin and hair care products.


Once you finish your drops you continue on your low calorie diet for a further three days before going into your three week maintenance period. The maintenance period is where you can slowly start adding things to your menu, while eliminating carbohydrates and starches. This is an important period, which can help you change your eating habits moving forward. It is essential, even if you didn't lose the amount of weight you wanted to lose that you do the maintenance period before starting the HCG diet plan again.

Bear in mind you are only having five hundred calories a day, while the HCG diet plan has proved highly successful, your body can't keep up with such a low diet for too long, which is why you follow the three week maintenance period guidelines before you go back onto the diet for another found.

During the time you are on the HCG diet plan, there are ways to make the diet that little bit easier. The first is to plan ahead. Planning your meals in advance and getting all your grocery shopping out of the way will reduce the risk of cheating. When you feel hungry drink a glass of water, you'll be amazed how quickly it can fill you up.

Don't be surprised if every now and then you feel a little dizzy, this is not a side effect of the actual drops, but rather the low calories you are eating daily. Ensure that even though you are on a low calorie diet that you add some exercise into your routine. If you regularly visit the gym and do heavy workouts, increase your calorie intake accordingly. Otherwise, take a brisk walk three times a week, just to get your heart rate up and give you the exercise boost you need, which will also be beneficial to your weight loss.

Staying active, drinking plenty of water and following the HCG diet plan to the letter is the best way to achieve results and reach your weight loss goals effectively.

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