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Is trying to lose weight without exercise a good idea? It is definitely possible to lose weight without exercise, but you would be missing out on other health benefits. Losing weight by eating right is one of the best things you can do for your health. But, losing weight without exercise can mean that you are losing muscle too. Exercise has great benefits to help you live longer, lower stress levels, and curb cravings.

Sometimes exercise is not possible. A few years ago, I sprained my ankle while slipping down our stairs and was unable to workout for a couple of months. But, I was able to curb cravings and eat right to lose unwanted pounds. I was grateful though to get back to running again.


Whatever your reason for not exercising but trying to slim down, you can incorporate good habits to last a lifetime.


Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise

  • Curb cravings. Take control of your hunger with foods to tame cravings. Drinking plenty of water will help with this. The citrus fruit grapefruit and lemons have the ability to help manage cravings. Chew gum when possible to sedate your hunger moments. Essential oils have the ability to suppress the appetite and give you sense of feeling full.
  • Control your portions. Try eating your meals with a smaller plate or bowl. Stay away from seconds.
  • Cut down on sugar. Limit your sweets and treats. This is a must to lose weight without exercise. Allow yourself one day a week for a few goodies. Otherwise, do not eat them.
  • Limit your beverages. It is best to cut out all beverages except for water and lemon water. Other drinks are filled with calories and other ingredients that hinder weight loss. Lemon water can be detoxifier as lemon is a natural cleanser.
  • Create a positive body image. Rid yourself of negative thoughts. This will aid your body to respond in a positive way to your eating efforts.
  • Fill up on the fresh stuff. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Eat a variety of foods and make sure you stock up on the superfoods.
  • Use a food journal. Record your daily meals and snacks in a notebook or on the computer. You can also use a weight loss app to manage your food intake.
  • Have a support system. Ask people to do your weight loss journey with you. Ask them to support your efforts and help you achieve your goals.

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