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It is possible to stop hiding the embarrassing bench numbers as long as you become serious. All you will need to do is to understand the assistance lifts as well as correct programming in order to get started. One thing that experts agree is that bench press exercises are the king when it comes to the exercise involving the upper body. Not only are they the matter of pride in gyms, but they are also a common measure that comes from the weightlifting acumen.

Everyone would love to bench in a big way and there are many people who love performing this kind of exercise as compared to others. There are results that we find from the bench press such as beef slabs on the shoulders & triceps that will help us match the enthusiasm that we get from the lift. However, you may wonder why if the benchmarks have such significance, why do many individuals still have small chests. The most important thing is to ensure that you do the lifts in the right way. And this means more than just doing them in the right way, appropriate assistance and intelligent programming. Here are a few things that you need to know


Form & techniques


The setup is where you will start the lift and therefore we can begin from there. This should be guided by the primary goal that you have in mind. If anyone want to be able to lift more weight as possible, the power lifting setup should be the right one. You can perform this lying down on a bench and grabbing the bar using the underhand grip. You can slide backward along this bench as well as under your bar until you notice the area of the upper abs below the bar. Ensure that the upper body remains in that position and tuck the feet under that bench below the hips. The feet balls should remain touching the floor and the heels should also be raised. The setup refers to the area where the lift starts and this will depend on the primary goals.

Ensure that the foot position remains and slide the body back towards the bench's bottom until you are sure that the torso is in that comfortable position. As you are pulling under the bar, ensure that the shoulder blades are tucked together. This should arch the lower back in a high position. Most powerlifters are looking forward to maximizing the arch as this will decrease the motion range and will also be effective in increasing the leverage.

If you intend to get into shape and hypertrophy, you will need to ensure that the bench is set up in the right way. First set up the feet or flat in the floor. If you need expert assistance on how to find a way to increase your bench press, you should get in touch with Muscle Prodigy.

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