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Fight with Obesity Overview :

Obesity is among the biggest issues encountered by people of both the developed nations and other states as well. With obesity, one can find a number of issues, which come along in the form of heart issues, high BP, diabetes and other similar issues. The global patients suffering from obesity are now flocking to India for weight loss surgery for a number of reasons, which include highly competitive healthcare services that come along with one of the most affordable services. Also, don't forget the top obesity surgeons like weight loss surgery like Dr. Ramen Goel specialist of Obesity Treatment and surgeries, who make a great difference in the life of people who are suffering from the issue of morbid obesity. Now, let's have a look at the life of this healthcare professional, the way he has contributed in the lives of people making them free from the obesity.


Dr. Ramen Goel specialist of Obesity Treatment

Dr. Ramen Goel is a known name when it comes to giving solutions about the problem of obesity. Dr. Ramen is masters in surgery in general surgery along with having the FICS and is linked to the Indian Bariatric & Metabolic surgeon and is linked with the known group called Hinduja Healthcare Specialty, Mumbai and heads the obesity surgery department apart from being linked with the other groups like hospitals and medical centers dealing with obesity. With the sedentary lifestyle found in the day to day lifestyle has boosted up the issues of obesity. Considering the fact, Dr. Goel has carried out surgeries with different lifestyles.


As far as his career is concern, he has started with his career with PG in surgery. He practiced in a number of countries like Austria, University of Vienna, and other places in the world. Earlier, he carried out a number of other surgeries, however, it was in the late nineties, he developed his interest in weight loss surgeries after coming in tough with doctors like Dr. Michel Suter at the institutes. Soon, he was employed in the Bombay Hospital in the year 2002 and carved his niche in carrying out different weight loss surgeries gradually. He was linked with to a number of agencies and institutes based in Canada, United States, India and other places wherein he underwent for an intense training in advance procedures like robotic surgery in the United States and other places. In fact, he even carried out surgeries of some of the Bollywood personalities including Subarto Roy along with other known people both from India and abroad.

Bombay Hospital Mumbai :

Bombay Hospital in Mumbai is a reputed name when it comes to going for a weight loss surgery. Established in the year 1999, it is known to have one of the best medical team that is known for effective treatment for obesity and relevant ailments. It houses one of the best and advance machines and equipments that cater some of the most qualitative services in weight loss surgeries and other medical and health ailments. That's not all; the hospital has one of the best names in this domain of weight loss surgery solutions like Dr. Ramen Goel, who is known in this domain the best.

Why to choose Dr Ramen Goel for Obesity Treatment?

Dr. Ramen Goel is a known name when it comes to catering high quality weight loss surgeries. He has operated more than thousand surgeries in India and abroad including Gastric Band, Gastric Bypass and other relevant surgeries that play a vital role in removing the extra weight on patients' body. In the year 2013, he turned out to be the first weight loss surgeon to get the excellent certification from the reputed group based in the US called Surgical Review Corporation. He has presented tons of papers in international conferences pertaining to weight loss surgeries along with publishing the same in reputed journals of weight loss and surgeries.

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