How To Lose Belly Fat Quickly

What is the best way to stop cravings to lose weight? Learning how to control cravings can help you take back control and be a more healthier you.

When do you eat?


In a typical day, usually we eat 3 meals with a couple of snack time breaks.


Another type of eating is called grazing. Grazing is defined as eating bits of food here and there throughout the day. It can turn into mindless eating. Mindless eating can send messages to your body that you constantly need to be putting food in your mouth, chewing, swallowing, and having a fullness feeling all day. Eating unintentionally when your body doesn't need food can promote stronger cravings. The brain is an active participant when it comes to eating. The brain releases hormones that trigger feelings and food can trigger the “feel good” hormones. When these hormones are constantly being released and they make you feel good, your body wants it to continue. This is when cravings begin to take over. Your body wants the food to promote a full satisfying feeling, and your brain wants the “feel good” hormones to be released.

How To Control Cravings In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Consume meals and snacks that have protein. Protein gives you energy and promotes a satisfied feeling.
  2. Trim down on the foods you crave. If you crave foods that contain sugar, substitute them with fresh fruit and dried fruit. Eating fruit can satisfy the sugar craving, give you energy, and tone down the crave for sugar. Sweets are full of empty calories. Fruits contain vitamins, nutrients, and complex sugars that digest differently than simple sugars found in junk food. If you crave salty, crunchy foods, eat nuts instead. Nuts are packed full of protein and other nutrients. Protein will sedate your hunger longer than junk food.
  3. Hydrate with H2O. Drinking water throughout the day, in between meals, and during meals. This can help to satisfy the oral stimulation and fullness feeling need. Water can help your mind to have clarity so you can combat the mindless eating battle.
  4. Switch it up. When you feel a craving coming on, change your activity. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, talk to someone, start or finish an activity, etc. This can teach your body and brain that you can do other activities to feel good and satisfied besides eating.
  5. Eat a grapefruit. Grapefruit can naturally suppress the appetite and uplift your mood.

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