How To Lose Belly Fat Men

It is a well-known fact that weight gain is due to overeating, drinking and less physical work. There are different body parts where fat accumulates unusually like belly, waists etc.

There are some reasons, which are less discussed, but one of the major reasons of extra weight gain. You need to consider them in order to avoid accumulation of extra fat in different parts of the body.



When it comes to the major body parts that actively take part in metabolism, liver comes on top. The liver is the major part of the body responsible for food digestion by producing various enzymes and accelerates the rate of metabolism. There are various reasons, which make the liver overwork. These are bad eating habits, unhealthy eating, drinking etc. Overburdened liver becomes slow and slows down the overall rate of metabolism.

Solution: Adopting healthy eating habits is the only way by which you can improve liver health. Including onions, garlic and cabbage, broccoli and sprouts in daily food are good for the liver. Food containing sulphur is beneficial for liver as it makes body free from unwanted chemicals absorbed due to medication or other environmental factors.

Your body also works to maintain your weight

The body controls, the fact that how much weight should be there by maintaining internal thermostat.

Solution: The body weight can be controlled by using the thermostat. When you lose weight up to 10%, then you need to stop so that your body gets time to be adjusted with that low set point. This will prevent the weight from increasing beyond that point in ideal situations.


Stress and tension causes overeating

It is also common that the people eat more in stress to feel good. Stress affects cortisol level in our body, which is related to insulin formation and utilization. Due to high cortisol level, fat accumulates around belly.

Solution: Avoid eating comfort food when in stress. Try to get indulge in other activities like talking to your friend, going out for a walk or play games.

Role of hormones

Leptin is a hormone that is supposed to make you feel full and satisfied. It sends signals to the brain that you have eaten enough and you should stop now. If there is a resistance of leptin, then a person feels hungry continuously.

Solution: The researches over leptin say that this is made naturally in the body because of adequate sleep. It is recommended to sleep eight hours daily.

The food you crave for may not be suitable for you

It is a common problem that the food your tongue like will not be the food fit for your body. Eating food with high carbohydrates like bread, cookies exedra will not let you lose weight. Such food increases stress on the liver and leads to a slow metabolism.

Solution: Keep an eye on the food, which seems to create problems for you, like allergies, poor skin or any other health problem. Eliminate the food, which seems to be problematic for around two weeks to make sure, if there is any food sensitivity due to that food.

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