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Weight loss topic is in discussion and it seems the discussion has no end. Excessive weight gain or obesity has been linked with the augmented stress levels and poor lifestyles. Thanks to the sedimentary lifestyle we all have developed these days. Online media is constantly pouring attention on the topic through assorted article websites and blogs. The very first thing you can do to shed those extra pounds is finding ways which are easy and productive too. The weight loss industry is surely in the profit and it has better future in developed countries like Unites States or US. Till date, the market has reached a whooping value of $20 billion.

The weight loss industry is majorly divided into three sections diet medicines, diet books and weight loss surgeries. These three sections are doing well Lets go through these segments which would elaborate the market to its current updates.


The average profit value for the US weight loss industry is $20 billion. This industry alone is making this much of profit.

The number of people dieting in US alone goes till 108 million per year. Those are known to change their diet plan at least four to five times in a year and thus this is a positive factor for the growth of the industry.

Amongst these 108 million people on diet consist of about 85% of women. This also shows the contribution of women into the industry and its smooth growth.

Number of people who went through bariatric surgery is 2, 20,000. The surgery was performed in 2009 and it is done when the person is affected with morbid surgery.


The average cost of the surgery is $11,500 to $26,000.

People who have kept 30 pounds off for successive five years had spent one hour daily for working out.

$500,000 to $ 3 million is the average cost spent on the promotion of weight loss schemes and products.

The estimated amount for the world's weight loss market would be $361 billion and it would be achieved by the finish of 2017.

The above figures and statements show that the US weight loss market would certainly have a bright future and huge success.

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