How Lose Belly Fat Fast

Obesity is no more a boon these days unlike what it was considered to be in the earlier times. It is no more a sign of prosperity, thanks to the shabby look it gives to the person having the same along with making him or her at the risk of having a number of health conditions that are bad for the person owning the same. Although one can find a number of non-surgical options available for the obese person, but if these fail then they have only one ray of hope that comes in the form of weight loss surgeries like sleeve Gastrectomy. India boasts on the top when you talk about surgical options like sleeve gastrectomy. Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India comes out to be a ray of hope for the global patients for a number of reasons, which include getting high quality and affordable solutions for many reasons. Let's dig in deep into the topic to get the rest about it as under:

Understanding Sleeve Gastrectomy


The surgery for losing weight is known called sleeve gastrectomy is among popular option to make your stomach smaller giving you the outcome. In procedures like sleeve gastrectomy, the surgeon is seen creating a small stomach just like a banana shape termed as sleeve without touching the connection seen in between esophagus and small intestine. This surgery is carried out with two different systems. At one go, the surgeon makes the stomach smaller, which reduces the food intake, while on the other side you find the fundus is removed from the stomach. The fundus is basically a place that releases hormone called ghrelin that usually makes anyone feel the appetite. Hence you can find this surgery helping the patient in order to feel you less hunger via the hormonal mechanism, which plays a vital role in reducing the calorie intake and thus finally giving the weight loss. Once you explore anything about it, you can certainly plan for the Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India.


Sleeve Gastrectomy – Procedure

The surgical procedure approach adopted by the surgeon for the weight loss surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India is often laparoscopic. This usually gives a lot of benefits both to the patients and surgeon adopting the same. The surgeon begins with making small size incisions of around 2 to 5 in numbers at the abdomen area wherein the doctor passes the required instrument inside the abdomen area. The surgeon is seen making a sleeve as per the anatomy of stomach whereas the remaining of the stomach is seen stapling using the surgical staples. Generally the surgeon and his medical team take around 1 to 2 hours to complete this surgery. Soon after the surgery, the patient is shifted to the recovery room and monitored for a while till he or she gets the discharge with a number of dos and don'ts by the surgeon to following the upcoming few days and weeks. Soon you can return to work and resume your usual life provided you follow the instructions of the surgeon and the physical therapist.

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India

India boasts as the top destination for global healthcare services for the global patients looking for a location outside their country. India has world class hospitals and medical centers, which is the result of a huge investment taking place in the country. The country has one of the best doctors and surgeons who are known for their ample amount of exposure in carrying out these surgeries with great care and professionalism. Their expertise and dexterity have been time tested as they have not just worked in India but also in the developed nations. They have been the part and parcel of a number of global health conferences wherein they get the chance to share their expertise via paper presentation or through publishing the same in world recognized health magazines and journals. This gives enough reasons and confidence to the global patients to plan their weight loss surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy procedure in India.

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