How Do I Reduce Belly Fat

Is a lot of fat hanging from the sides of your body? Do you feel embarrassed by the tyre of fat you carry around your midriff? Excess of fat deposits in the body may be caused because of obesity. If a person shows a weight that is 20% more than actually needed by the body, when it is compared on the height scale, he or she can be categorized as obese.

The height and weight of a human being, determines the body mass index and this BMI of the body indicates, whether a person suffers from obesity or not. One may be overweight because of heavy bones, body water or muscles also, but fat deposits are an important consideration in obesity.


Obesity is also a result of a bad dietary pattern. Overeating, junk foods, too much sweet foods and a high carbohydrate diet may lead to an increase in body weight, and cause fatness. Many people are lazy; they hate exercise of any kind and live an inactive lifestyle. Television, video games, mobile phones, and computers have encouraged indoor activities and people love staying inside and have bid an adieu to outdoor sports. Work is done with the help of machines, and this results in very restricted physical activity.


Are you catching up on your beauty sleep? You better rest and sleep adequately or else you may start to stack up on the fat deposits. Certain medications also cause metabolic changes in the body and encourage the deposit of fats, especially drugs which are used to control the rising blood sugar levels. Then why not resort to the natural goodness of nature and take ayurvedic remedies that may help you burn the fat deposits.

Baba Ramdev has created a package of effective Ramdev Medicine for Obesity. The package has a compilation of herbs that help keep the appetite and weight under control. The herbal package is natural and totally safe from side effects. The product has Divya Medohar vati that keeps appetite and weight balanced. The herbal remedy controls hunger cravings by acting on the digestive organs. It has a formulation that is known to balance the hormonal levels and prompts proper insulin production from the pancreas, leading to control of blood sugar.

Patanjali also has Divya Peya a herbal tea that naturally provides nutrition to the body parts and also controls the desire for food. This can be a great boon in obesity as it provides energy and also reduces the food intake. Divya Triphala churna from Patanjali is amazingly effective in balancing hormones in the body and also encourages the digestive system to perform its best. Enzyme functioning is optimized and regulated and the constipation and flatulence is taken care of.

Ayurveda is very effective if it is taken the right way with proper precautions. Its effect is increased if an obese person performs proper yoga asanas. Baba Ramdev has come out with a DVD that teaches natural methods to shed off weight. The DVD explains about different weight losing asanas and also provides tips that the person watching can use to lose weight.

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