Healthy Weight Loss Tips

As the world is becoming more resistant to disease, people are becoming more conscious about their health and are readily taking safety measures in order to avoid any serious diseases. Many people are this much concerned about their health that they start taking safety measures even before the disease has hit them. People also adopt different type of diet plans as advised by their doctors in order to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. A large group of women is very much conscious about their diet and their body shape because women generally have to lose their smart body shape because of pregnancy. So they try to maintain themselves after the pregnancy months as well.

Doctors have suggested many diet plans for the women who want to maintain their diet and want to look good even after pregnancy. Women these days are using HCG diet methods to lose weight but most of the women are unaware of the negative sides of this HCG. This article will be focusing on some of the negative points of HCG which mostly women are not aware of and it is important that they are aware of these points so that they don't have to face any harmful effects in the future.


What actually an HCG is? HCG is basically a pregnancy hormone which doctors use in order to treat the issues related to fertility. Some people are more in favor of using this hormone in routine but the important thing that most of the people are unaware is that this drug is not approved by FDA and there is no guarantee of this drug that will it be useful or will it have positive consequences in the later stages or not. Drugs and hormones that are not approved by FDA are then not the responsibility of any hospital or medical association if something goes wrong with the subjects who have used those hormones.

Another negative point about HCG is that it has too many low calories. People often recommend low calories so that they can maintain a good diet plan but what happens with the HCG diet is that it offers extremely low calories that are below the recommendation of doctors. So people should know it before started using it because they are mostly used by pregnant women and they require a healthy diet during and after the pregnancy period. Many doctors and dieticians are recommending HCG for a safe diet but the reality is that there is no research that can prove that HCG can be safe. You just cannot use any method for diet control or birth control until and unless the method is completely undergone the process of research.

There are too much side effects of the HCG which many people are unaware of. It does not provide you enough calories that a normal human body requires in routine and it can also cause headache, fatigue and other illnesses that can become more harmful if not treated properly. As mentioned earlier that it is not approved by FDA and it has not undergone any formal research, we just simply cannot trust on HCG for any purpose. Remember that it's the matter of human body and no one would like to risk for themselves because health is more important than anything. If there is very much requirement of using HCG, it should be used with the proper prescription of doctor so that of there are any harmful effects in the future, they can be treated well in time before the problem gets serious. It is better to use those drugs and hormones that are approved by FDA and have undergone a proper research.

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