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What is the best way to learn how to lose extra belly fat? Choices. It's all about choices. It is sometimes a drag, but it is a known fact that choices have consequences. Everyday you are faced with choices you must make. Sometimes making decisions can be very difficult. But, there are some little tricks you can do to make decisions and choices easier. Instead of relying on willpower and health choices that you will be faced with daily, let's focus on how to prepare for the eminent choices. If you already make a decision about what you are going to have for dinner, then usually you will make what you have planned. Decisions that are made beforehand have a better chance of follow through. Now let's talk about how to lose extra belly fat with good choices.

How To Lose Extra Belly Fat


  • Make a plan of how, what and when, and where you are going to exercise. A good way to create a habit out of working out is to do it at the same time everyday. Once you are in the habit, there is little choice or excuses. You just do it because you made the decision a long time ago and turned it into a habit.
  • Plan a month's worth of meals. Plan your meals and snacks several weeks in advance. This can help take the guess work of what to eat. Healthy and fit people stick to a strict diet. Why should you be any different? Decide now to stick to your nutritional meal plans. Create your shopping list from them.
  • Prepare your food ahead of time. After you come back from the store, spend an hour chopping and storing fruits and veggies. Doing this will take the ease off of food prep. Once they are cut up, you can throw them into a smoothie, top yogurt, dump in a soup or salad, have healthy side dishes, and have convenient healthy snacks.
  • Choose how much water you need to drink a day. Make sure you drink more on the days you work out. Once you have made the decision on the amount of water you need, track what you drink. This will be a good visual as mark down how many ounces you consume.
  • Decide before a party, social gathering or event what you are going to eat. This will help you to resist temptation.

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