Get Rid Belly Fat

Obesity can lead to a slew of problems, including heart disease, high BP and diabetes and other behavioural/ psychological issues. One of the first steps of losing weight is to take a close look at your diet and make necessary changes. This is not to say that a balanced diet alone can help you keep off weight. You would need to exercise and also make changes to your lifestyle in order for you to see results. However, a good balanced diet is the first step.


Here are some tips to help you with weight loss by way of a balanced diet:

  • Keep it realistic. Set targets that are achievable. In fact, consult a dietician or doctor who will help you do that. A 10 per cent weight loss can go a long way in boosting your health, so your doctor may ask you to lose this weight at a rate of half to one kg a week.
  • Keep a food journal, and assess what made you overeat at a certain point.
  • The calorie needs of each individual are different, but the fundamental principle of weight loss is in creating a deficit of calories, through a balanced meal. Typically, you would need between 1200-1800 calories in a day, so maintain that level.
  • To get this requirement, you should have frequent small meals rather than one large meal, as it boosts your metabolism.
  • Also, you should have a mid-morning meal such as some grapes, a cup of melon or a banana.
  • Replace refined flours with whole-grained substitutes. Rather than use white bread or pasta, use whole grain bread/pasta
  • You can cut down on a lot of empty calories if you cut out sugar. Stop using sugar in your tea, or use very little. Cut out colas, sweets, or any junk food.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, and make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.
  • If you are non vegetarian, use lean meats, poultry and fish for protein. If you are vegetarian, you could replace with lentils, a quarter cu of tofu or some nuts.
  • Don't follow a diet that fully cuts out a food group, say carbohydrates. C diets are unhealthy. The key is to get all food groups but in a moderate and healthy manner.
  • One of the healthy ways to lose weight is to choose a high-fibre meal because such a meal takes a lot of time for digestion. High-fibre meals are essentially fruits, beans, and whole grains such as oatmeal or brown rice.
  • Planning your meal or snacks in advance would mean that you eat on time, and not binge. Eating early, by way of a heavy breakfast is the best way to get your metabolism going.
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