Fat Stomach

Cinnamon and honey tea is not a tea that one would automatically associate with weight loss, but actually, this tea is one of the most effective for it. We've all heard about green and other Chinese teas that can help to shred some extra pounds, but if you can get your hands on some cinnamon and honey powder, mix it with boiled water and you could have yourself a very rapid powerful catalyst for your weight loss.

Reviews show that if you drink just one cup of cinnamon and honey tea in the money and one before you go to bed, and you could be seeing a drastic change in your weight within the first days of using it. Not only this, those who have taken the tea in this way have also reported seeing inches drop from their waist before the weight has actually dropped. This means that this tea is not just for those looking to speed up large amounts of weight loss, but can be used for those people who are a healthy weight but would like a quick fix to start looking a little bit more slimmer.


If you are looking to make the tea yourself instead of finding a ready made one, it is important to note that you should add the cinnamon into boiled water first, wait for the water to cool down, and then you can add the honey. The reason for this is that adding the honey to the warm formula can kill enzymes that are beneficial to weight loss. The tea is best consumed when it has cooled down and also for best results to drink it on an empty stomach.

It has been reported that not only does this tea aid weight loss but also trains your body to not accumulate fat if taken on a long term basis, even if you are on a high calorie diet. People also state that they feel more energized and healthier, because there is no caffeine involved, there are no headaches, diarrhea or any other known side effects, making this tea very healthy and effective weight loss aid.

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