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When buying cheap HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) drops there are important factors to take into consideration. Unfortunately not all weight loss supplements are manufactured equal and when you're looking for the cheapest prices, it's very easy to purchase a low quality product that will not provide you with the results you are looking to achieve.

Buying cheap HCG drops, you have already made a decision to lose weight and probably have a target weight in mind. Using this diet method requires you take the drops combined with a very low calorie diet of five hundred calories a day. Five hundred calories may not sound like much, but the drops will help suppress your appetite and give you that additional energy boost you need.


People who have used the HCG diet has achieved dramatic weight loss in a short period of time. They offer proven results, as long as you buy high quality from a supplier that manufactures their products in a FDA registered and GMP approved factory.

It is very important when following a very low calorie diet that you take a break every few weeks. The cheap HCG drops will be provided for the duration you choose. If at the end of the drops you still have more weight you want to lose, then take a break for a week or two before starting the next course. With a diet so low in calories, your body will start to suffer if you continue putting it through this for too long.

Following a low calorie diet in the long term can result in fatigue and diarrhea, which is why when taking cheap HCG drops, you want to give your body and yourself a break every now and then. You will find that following the diet is really easy, due to the drops doing their work, suppressing your appetite and giving you boosts of energy, so you won't feel tired or hungry and the diet will be easy to complete.


When you are taking cheap HCG drops, there are strict instructions that must be followed in order to achieve the best results. With these drops you will lose unwanted weight quickly and effectively. The HCG drops must be taken three times daily under the tongue. This allows it to be absorbed into the blood stream. They should be taken twenty to thirty minutes before eating, this will help stop fat build up and suppress your appetite to ensure you keep to the strict low calorie diet.

Taking cheap HCG drops ensures that your body doesn't store any fat, it forces the body to burn existing fat, which is why you see such a dramatic weight loss. The process is unusual, but if you follow it to the letter, then you are guaranteed to enjoy outstanding results.

When you start taking the drops you must go through a loading period. For the first few days of taking the drops you must eat whatever you want when you want. This gives the drops time to start working. From here you automatically go into your low calorie diet until your drops are finished.

In order to maintain the weight loss it is imperative that you continue the low calorie diet for a few days after you stop taking the drops and then slowly start introducing foods to your diet, slowly increasing your calorie intake.

The benefit to cheap HCG drops is that in the event you notice you are putting on weight again, you can simply start the diet over, lose the weight and then go back to normal life.

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