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Is mindless eating a control issue? Not necessarily. Now a days, food is readily available and often times convenient. It is difficult to stay focused on what and when you should be eating when advertisements, vending machines, and stress are abundant.

Mindless eating can be more about focus than cravings or will power. Snacking and grazing throughout the day can be the result of feeling tired, bored, and being unproductive. Think about focus for a minute. Have you ever worked on a project or spent time on hobby that took your complete focus that you even forgot to eat lunch? Focus has a lot of power and learning how to use it can help you many other aspects of your life as well.


How To Stop Mindless Eating In 7 Steps

  1. Write down the reasons or goals of why you would like to stop mindless eating. Write it down in goal language, for example; “To stop mindless eating, I am going to eat six small meals a day”, or “I am going to track my water intake and drink more water to stop mindless eating”. Writing down the goal with the action needed, you are more likely to succeed.
  2. Write down your inspiration for quitting all day snacking. Could it be for health reasons? Extra weight issues? Maybe it could be wanting to spend less money on food and snacks? Write down anything that would motivate you to stop.
  3. Once these goals and inspiration are written, locate them in a daily visible place and track your progress.
  4. To help keep your mind from wandering to food, stay busy and focused on the task at hand. When we are bored, often times we turn to food for something to do or to give us energy.
  5. Eat at regular times during the day. Choose to eat either six small meals or 3 meals with two snacks. This can help you to focus on the task at hand until your snack break or meal break.
  6. Visualize yourself sticking to your meal routine. Imaging that you are accomplishing your goal, helps to train your mind on what you should be focused on .
  7. Write down your meals, snacks, and anything you eat in a food journal. This can be handy in showing you exactly how much and when you are eating during the day. This will also keep your mind focused on when and what to eat.

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