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With the essence of weight loss surgery increasing every morning, the surgical solution to obesity has become a recommended treatment for obese patients. Millions of people undergo a bariatric surgery and lose immense weight. However, some of these people regain weight a few months or years after the treatment.

Bariatric surgery consultants state that weight regain is triggered by faulty food habits, avoidance of physical activities and lack of motivation. They highlight the fact that consistency is the key to success in getting rid of obesity in the long run. Hence, here are a few things every obese should know and follow after a weight loss surgery.


Exercise: Performing physical activities are inversely proportional to obesity. Exercising or running regularly burns calories from your body; triggering weight loss. Hence, you should perform physical activities routinely for twenty minutes or more to keep your body in shape following a weight reduction surgery.

Follow Doctor's Advice: Staying in touch with a doctor sounds to be an obvious step. But as a matter of fact, most of the patients follow the advices for the first two years upon the surgery and then slowly slip back to their old habits; and end up gaining weight. Hence, you should follow the advices of a doctor in the long run to keep up with your fitness.


Get Diet Counselling: No matter how much you know about dieting, you must always get your diet monitored by a nutritionist. Studies state that patients who consume diet suggested by a dietician succeed in losing and maintaining weight in the long run. Many doctors pair up with a certified nutritionist to facilitate proper weight loss in patients.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking: Bariatric surgery consultants recommend every obese not to smoke or drink because it increases the risk of complications and weight gain. Smoking and drinking habits are usually discussed at the time of psychological evaluation. Hence, you should be honest and precise about your smoking and drinking habits during these evaluations.

Join a Support Group: Going through a weight loss program requires a lot of motivation and support. There are several weight loss support groups where you can participate to get your doubts cleared and be realistic about your weight loss goals. Also, the members of these groups support, guide and motivate you throughout your weight reduction journey.

To sum it up, you must have a disciplined lifestyle where you can concentrate on healthy consumption of food and regular participation in physical activities. Also, you should consult a doctor or nutritionist at regular intervals to get your health and diet monitored efficiently.

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