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What are sugar cravings symptoms? Craving sweets can feel like you are low in energy and your body feels like having a boost. Sugar can spike your energy for a bit, but, then once the energy is spent, you can experience a low. Usually when you are craving treats and goodies, it means that you may have a mild or a major sugar addiction. Regularly eating foods that contain plenty of sugar, can leave you craving them when you go a while without. Eating treats once in a while is not a bad practice. But, you should avoid consuming treats everyday.

When your body is used to a “sugar high”, it can feel deprived when you go without. This is when sugar cravings symptoms set in.


What are some sugar cravings symptoms? You may feel tired, sluggish, unfocused, get a headache, or feel jittery.


So how can you stop sugar cravings symptoms? The best way is to lower your sugar intake. Let's take a look at some tips on how to do that.

How To Stop Sugar Cravings

  • Drink more water and less soda. Try drinking lemon water. Lemon water helps you to curb cravings and can cleanse your digestive tract. It's best to avoid sodas and flavored drinks.
  • Choose one day a week to eat your dessert. Save one day a week to allow yourself to have your favorite treat. Then it will really be a treat!
  • Prepare snacks in advance. If you have fruit and veggies already cut up and ready to eat, then when you feel cravings or tired, you have a healthy convenient snack.
  • Choose fruit instead. If your appetite for something sweet is overpowering, choose fruit instead. Dried fruit is a good option. (Chocolate covered fruit does not count!) Fruit that is in season will especially sweet, juicy, and satisfying.
  • Use a sugar substitute. To help you cut down on cravings, try using a sugar substitute. Stevia from the stevia plant is 300 times for sweeter than sugar, but it does not give you the same symptoms. All you need is a little sprinkle.
  • Chew gum. There is gum available this days that has very little sugar. It can help to satisfy your sweet tooth and your oral stimulation.
  • Rid your home of sweet treats and focus on fruits and veggies. Put them in a bowl in a visible location to help you remember to eat them instead.

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