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Can hormones affecting weight make you obese? Just because we can't control hormones and they can sometimes really mess with us, it doesn't mean that they are the enemy. Hormones have an important role to play in our overall health and functionality of our bodies. Instead of fighting with hormones, learn to play nice and work with them.

Let's take a closer look of hormones affecting weight. Since there are different hormones that do different things, you'll need to discover which hormones are causing weight issues.


An Overview Of Hormones Affecting Weight

The Stress Hormone Cortisol:

Cortisol is a steroid hormone created by the adrenal glands. Cortisol is released into the blood as the result of stress or anxiety. It also plays a role in the body's ability to manage the sleep/wake cycle. When an individual is exposed to constant or chronic stress, levels of cortisol remain elevated in the body, disrupting the body's ability to relax and to sleep naturally. Chronic stress and abnormally elevated cortisol levels have also been associated with increased cravings,increased levels of obesity, and abdominal weight.

Managing anxiety and stress levels are essential to lowering cortisol responses. Once you are more relaxed and managing your emotions, your body can respond positively and slow down fat cell production.


The Hormones From The Thyroid:

The thyroid glands release hormones that influence most all of the metabolic processes in your body. Thyroid disorders can vary. The most common is hyperthyroidism-the condition of too much thyroid hormones being released. Low hormone production leads to hypothyroidism. When hypothyroid exists, weight gain is one of the most common symptoms. Because the hormones affect metabolism, it can be difficult to lose weight even when calories are restricted. It is best to be diagnosed by your doctor and talk with them about treatment options.

The Female Hormone Estrogen:

Animal studies suggest that estrogen levels help control body weight. Lower levels of estrogen showed that the animals ate more and were less active physically. Reduced estrogen may also affect the metabolic rate and lower the way the body converts stored energy into working energy. After menopause, the levels of estrogen drop down lower. It is possible during this time period that women may experience a slowed metabolism. Starches and blood sugar may be used less effectively when estrogen is lacking. Estrogen hormone therapy may help to increase a woman's resting metabolic rate.

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