Best Thing To Lose Belly Fat

Can trying to speed up your metabolism help you lose weight? Yes, it is true. Along with that answer, let's take a look at what metabolism is according to weight loss. A basic description of metabolism is that it is the sum total of all the chemical reactions in the body. The calorie-burning kind of metabolism is also known as thermic efficiency. This type of metabolism converts what you eat and drink into energy to burn. Several factors determine your basal metabolic rate, which are: body size and composition, your gender, and your age. In addition to the basal metabolic rate, two other factors affect how many calories you burn each day. Thermogenesis or food processing and physical activity are the other two factors.

9 Steps To Speed Up Your Metabolism


  1. Strength training. Building muscle and bone mass is a key factor in weight loss. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue.
  2. Switch up your workout. Your body can become complacent when a regular exercise becomes too regular. Change up your routine or add more reps and speed to build different muscle groups.
  3. Don't skip meals. Eat regular meals and keep your blood sugar level even. Skipping meals confuses several body systems and puts them on alert.
  4. Protein power. Protein rich foods are great food for the muscles. Fish, a handful of nuts, chia seeds, and lean meats are excellent protein sources.
  5. Fuel with water. Keep water handy and drink it everyday throughout the day. Water carries oxygen to all body systems and aids in flushing out environmental influences.
  6. Snack Smart. Choose fresh fruits and veggies for snacks. They will give you added energy and keep the metabolism going strong.
  7. Detox. Doing a cleanse diet can be a great boost to the metabolism. When the digestive tract is sluggish and slow, so is the metabolism. A detox diet is good to do several times a year.
  8. Avoid eating in the evening. Give your digestive tract a break and don't eat into the evening. This can aid the elimination process and promote your basal metabolic rate.
  9. Balance your body and mind. Metabolism is part of everything in your body, which includes our emotions and our minds. Relieve stress, let go of grudges, be grateful, be positive, be kind to yourself, serve others with a giving heart, etc. These actions will make a positive impact on your metabolism. A victim type attitude could warrant a sluggish metabolism.

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