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Obesity is one of the health issues that is really complicated and common. Today, two of every ten people are suffering from obesity. Each country has some people who are suffering from this health problem. Obesity occurs because the people like to eat much more than they burn, especially going for junk foods act as the biggest contributing factor for the same. Obesity treatment can be the best solution for those who want to lose weight.

According to the survey, here is the list of the top 10 nations with maximum obese patients.


10. Australia

In Australia, obesity is an epidemic and the count is going up every day. The number of obese people has doubled in the past 20 years. The abundant availability of fast food and a decrease in the labor force are the prime two factors for so.

9. Pakistan

Obesity has been recognized as a threat in Pakistan only a few years ago. A typical Pakistani cuisine contains a huge amount of oil and fat, and thus, a majority of such people becomes a potential threat to it. Overall their diet and changing lifestyle contribute towards growing obesity

8. New Zealand

Out of total population size of 4.3 million in the year 2008, almost 1.13 million adults are overweight. Almost one in every three adults are obese, making in total 31% of the entire population directly under obesity. In Addition a further 35% are overweight.

7. Greece

Though this nation does not seem qualified enough to be in this list, because being in Mediterean, their traditional lifestyle ensures a healthy living. But due to excessive involvement in work, leaves very little space to do any physical activities and thus 65.5% of its citizens are either overweight or obese.

6. The United Kingdom


One in every four British adults is obese. It has the highest number of obese population in Western Europe, and the rise has gone for since the past 30 years. For the same reason, U.K. is also nicknamed as 'the fat man of the Europe'. If it continues at this rate, more than half the population will be affected by it.

5. Canada

Almost 54% of the Canadian population are either overweight or obese. One in every 4 adults and one in every 10 children are suffering from clinical obesity. About six million people are living with obesity and are in need of immediate help to manage their weight.

4. India

India is the second most populous countries in the world only after China. One in every five Indians is either overweight or obese. Urbanization and globalization are the two main factors that leads to obesity.

3. China

The situation of obesity has worsened in China in just past 30 years. At the present time, one in every six boys and one in every eleven girls are obese. The prevalence of obesity is more common in children of age seven to twelve as compared to adolescents of age 13 to eighteen.

2. The United State of America

Every two in three American citizens are either obese or overweight. America lost the battle for the first place to Mexico until recently. Approximately 100,000 to 400,000 cases of death associated with obesity occur every year in the United States.

1. Mexico

The introduction of processed food in 1980 can be considered as the first step towards growing obesity in later years. As the traditional whole grain food got substituted with junk food, this country gained the first position the list of obese nation in the year 2013. Seven out of ten Mexicans are at least overweight.

Death due to obesity is one of the most leading causes of death all over the world. The consumption of fast food and lack of physical exercise are two prime factors for the same. The total obese population of the world is about one third of its total population.

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