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There are no secrets to achieve a certain level of fitness and a bikini fit body for women. They are more often low on confidence owing to weight issues. It may cause anxiety and other weaknesses affecting their professional and personal lives. Reading the newspaper columns and magazines more often offers limited help and that all too occasionally. However, if they are really curious about how to lose weight quickly without going to the gym, investing on Caithleen Heffernan's book '' The Bikini Model Cookbook'' is the real solution. It is an e-book which is instantly downloadable after making payment. There is no hassle of storing as the e-book can be conveniently viewed immediately on a PC or Mac.

Heffernan is professionally a pilot, diet coach, trainer and bikini model. She has compiled this e-book after ten years of experimentation. It has several recipes for women which promotes clean and healthy eating. Each of the recipes suggested have fulfilled certain criteria. All of these are easy to cook even with minimal preparations and cleaning. These foods are rich in nutrients and don't contain artificial sweeteners. Thus, it helps in controlling the weight and appetite with tried and tested recipes.


Caithleen Heffernan's book throws light on how to lose weight quickly without going to the gym by bringing discipline in food intake. It is divided into ten chapters with food suggestions on breakfast, light snacks, salads, soups, seafood, vegetarian diet, chicken and turkey, beef etc. Men can also try out these food exercises in varying amounts for a fitter, leaner and healthier body.


Apart from promoting the healthy eating habits, this e-book has useful tips on grocery shopping and explores certain food related mythical assumptions. There is no need to worry for this e-book is easily downloadable and comes in adobe acrobat PDF format. This eBook not only helps in losing weight but it also focuses on various health related issues like controlling blood pressure and body temperature.


If you're looking for a bikini model diet, then this cookbook is certainly for you. The product has been produced by a professional bikini model, personal trainer and nutritionist, who often appears in fitness magazines like “Fitness Girls” & “Ultra Fit”. After discovering that her headaches and tiredness were caused by the artificial sweeteners she usually used to cut back on calories, Caithleen Heffernan brought together her findings, medical information from doctors and research on natural ingredients to produce this cookbook of delicious recipes.

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