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Amla, amlaki or commonly known as Indian gooseberry is among the best sources of vitamin C. These fruits are green in color and have astringent and sour taste. They have a lot of anti-oxidants and are good supplement for anti-aging. There are a number of benefits of amla and is used in a number of medicines too. One big advantage of amla is that it is used for hair growth and is very effective for producing long dark hair. Another great advantage of amla is its ability to help reduce weight.

Different forms of Amla for Weight Loss


  • Amla Juice

You can easily make amla juice by removing the amla pit and blend it with the help of a blender. You can store this thick mixture in your fridge and mix one part of this with three parts of water and drink it every day. The juice is capable of easing bowel movement and strengthens your immune system thus keeping you active all through the day. If you drink this juice before eating anything in the morning, it will flush out all the toxins present in your body which will in return give you a great skin.


  • Amla Fruit

If you are a fruit lover and wish to have the fruit fibers intact then you may eat whole fruit the first thing in the morning. If you can tolerate its sourness then there is nothing better than having it the natural way.

  • Dry Amla Candy

To make things easier, there is dry form of the fruit available too. You can easily buy sun dried amla and eat whenever you want. There is a lot of amla candy benefits, top of which is that you can carry it around in your pocket and eat it when you feel hungry which would eventually help you in losing weight. Do not go for salted dry candy since it would allow water retention in your body and similarly don't go for sweetened ones as it will add calories.

The famous triphala medicine is made with the help of haritaki and bibhitaki fruits. Taking this supplement is also very helpful as a whole for losing weight. If you do not have access to fresh form of the fruit, you can always go for unsweetened variants like juice, powder, unsweetened dry candy or other kinds of products to lose weight.

If you are suffering from Vata imbalance, like gas trouble and joint disease, you can take amla along with sesame oil. The quantity may be – one teaspoon of amla along with two teaspoons of sesame oil. If you want Pitta balance, if you have digestive issues, or some skin related problems like acne, you can take the dried form of the fruit with clarified butter (ghee). The dose may be one teaspoon with one teaspoon clarified butter. For kapha balance like respiratory, obesity etc. you can take it with honey. If none of other ingredients are available you can always go for amla alone.

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