How to Lose That Big Belly – Reduce Belly Fat

The first sign of obesity problems is the deposition of excess fats in our stomach region. These fats are usually called as belly fats as it develops a thick layer of skin near our belly. The excess amount of deposition of belly fat is known in medical terms as visceral fat which results in the protruded abdomen. In lay man terms it is referred as central obesity and this increases the causes for the cardiovascular diseases.

There are many people who have tried to reduce the belly fat by taking pills and steroids, and it turned out to be ineffective. The reason is that this kind of treatment only leads to a short term solution and not a long term one and another fact is that it may cause severe side effects to our body.

Losing belly fat mainly depends on the metabolic activity of the body rather than the pills that we take in. In other words the more calories we burn daily than we eat, the more we lose the excess amount of fat in our body. One should follow a mix of dietary measures and some exercise routines to get rid of the belly fat.

Tips to reduce belly fat

As mentioned above the strategy to reduce belly fats involves strict dietary measures and proper simple exercise routines. The experts suggest that the combination of dietary measure and exercise routine is a healthy and effective way to reduce belly fats.  The reduction of fat requires certain type of exercises for various parts of the body and many people tend to forget this point and follow a poor exercise regime. The exercise mentioned here gives one clear idea that which part of the body the exercise targets to reduce the fat.

Interval training

It has been defined as the repetitions of high intensity workouts with a small period of rest in between the routines. The interval training helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system up of our body. This type of training helps to reduce more fats in the abdomen region and this is called high intensity interval training. High intensity interval training helps in burning of excess fat in a very short period of time.


Let me give an example to make it clear, one person can run at his maximum speed for 100 meter and can return back to the starting point by relaxed walking. The walking period helps one to cool off and to refresh to take the next sprint. Repetition of this exercise is based on the person’s stamina for the workout process. The repetitions will increase day by day gradually when you start doing it without any hindrance in the routine.

Balanced diet

A healthy diet actually adds on to the exercise regime and helps in maintaining right amount of calories needed for the body. It involves the intake of nutritious food with the intake of adequate amount of water. The consumption of at least of 200 to 300 grams of fresh fruit and vegetable is encouraged by WHO (World Health Organization). Try to minimize the intake of carbohydrates and fats by consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetable.

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