How To Get Rid of Belly Fat? Some Simple to Use Ideas

Fat is a necessary building block of our body; made up of glycerol and acids. Fats are used in virtually every cell of the body for some vital functions. Their optimum amount in the body is good for healthy skin and hair; it also maintains body temperature and acts as stored energy in your body. When your calorie intake is more than your energy expenditure, accumulation of fat occurs in the body and results in obesity. Excessive belly fat is a very common occurrence these days due to our sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits so, to get rid of belly fat? You must undertake an inclusive approach.

Major factors contributing to belly fat are overeating, inactive life style, lack of balanced diet, and a low Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). In a large number of people excessive belly fat is genetic; however ground breaking research is on the way to establishing the facts with more certainty. To get rid of belly fat more easily, we must focus on commonly made errors and sketch out the comprehensive solutions.

Commonly avoidable errors:

  1. Serving sizes bigger than those required by your body
  2. Incessant eating, just because you love to eat
  3. Snacking while watching movies, TV, and while at parties
  4. Consuming a lot of alcohol. Being highly rich in energy, it converts into fat and gets deposited in the body if a certain level of energy expenditure is not attained
  5. Physically inactive life style
  6. Loss of motivation for belly fat loss
  7. Unawareness of the bad effects that excess of fat deposition imposes over your body
  8. Leading a stressful lifestyle with no fixed time schedules for eating and sleeping

Exercising is not very common, modern technologies are spoiling us where we lack physical activity. To get rid of belly fat is one of the toughest challenges for an ordinary person, but for a keen and knowledgeable person, it’s not that hard. The time required to lose belly fat depends on body composition, quantity of fat accumulated and level of motivation. Although many programs guarantee appreciable loss of excess fat in few days, it seems practical to say that a few weeks are required for any visible changes to occur.

Speed of belly fat loss is actually customizable to a large extent and depends on your diet plan, exercise routine and regularity in the fitness regimen. It is imperative to get a diet chart made by a trained dietician and to follow it rigorously to get rid of belly fat. We differ in our Basal Metabolic Rates and this is the reason why some of us eat more and stay slim while some of us are not so blessed. People with higher BMR are in an advantageous situation, as they need not restrict their food intake much.

Physical activity also influences rate of metabolism greatly. People who follow a typical sedentary life style with little interest in walking, jogging or exercising have slower metabolism and slower is the tendency to get rid of excess belly fat. Strength exercises, Cardio exercises, weight training also increase metabolism and thus hasten the process to lose belly fat.

Proven tips that could help you get rid of excess belly fat:

– Eat frequent, small sized meals everyday. The ingredients and calorie allowance of your diet has to be decided by an expert nutritionist and it will include fruit, vegetables, and grains (multiple servings). By switching to small, frequent meal patterns, your metabolic rate gets a boost and more fat is burned than is stored; it eventually helps you to get rid of excess belly fat. Don’t follow any crash diet or any such thing that restricts macro-nutrients (protein/ carbohydrates/ fat) as that would only decrease metabolic rate, which would make you fatter again after you begin to eat normally.

– Saturated fats must be kept strictly in-check. Avoid deep fried foods and instead opt for roasted or baked versions. It is important to know that some fats are good and some are bad for your body. Usage of extra virgin olive oil is advocated by most of the scientific work as it contains the good fat in a substantial amount.

– You should start doing cardiovascular exercise under expert supervision like walking, jogging, aerobics, cycling etc. It increases metabolism and helps burn calories; your fitness expert or physical therapists may create a tailor made exercise plan for you. Don’t attempt to overdo in the beginning, it may be detrimental and may have negative effects on your body.


– It is necessary to know that weight training or calisthenics help build muscles and burn calories. Don’t waste time doing only abdominal exercises as doing exercises targeting only the stomach area will not aid the purpose of losing belly fat effectively; the exercise schedule has to focus on your entire body.

– Keep yourself motivated enough to withstand those tough initial days when your expectations are high and the results are low.

Chuck Constant is an actor and writer living in Hollywood, CA; the de facto Fitness Capitol of the world. As a life-long hater of going to the gym, he has sought out a way to achieve and maintain a healthy body without doing so. Unfortunately, he is forced to admit; there is no such way!


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